Comfort and Ease: An October Bespoke Bride Shares Her Experience

Lauren and Jimmy met at The University of Delaware even though they only lived a town apart their whole lives. Lauren was a Jets fan and one day, Jimmy, wearing a Jets hat, caught Lauren’s eye. Conversation started, romance sparked and the rest, according to Lauren, “is history.”

How Did Lauren and Jimmy Get Engaged? 

Years later, and after moving into their new home together, Jimmy woke Lauren up at the crack of dawn one morning, wearing the infamous Jets hat that prompted them to talk in the first place, and then ‘popped the question.’ 

This was followed by a fun-filled day. First, they picked out a new puppy, River. Then, they went to get massages and Lauren’s nails done. But Jimmy had one final surprise in store: a dinner with their families at Lauren’s aunt’s favorite restaurant that they frequented together before her passing. When Lauren realized which restaurant they were going to, tears filled her eyes. For someone who isn’t easily surprised, Jimmy had made Lauren’s engagement day extra special.

How Did They Plan Their Wedding? 

Lauren and Jimmy's wedding design

Lauren said, “Knowing how comfortable he [Scott] made us feel booking our venue, it was a very easy choice to pursue looking into Bespoke and their designs.” 

After meeting with Scott and Rondineli (the Master Floral Designer half of Bespoke) in reference to the florals, Lauren stated that she knew the duo “would stop at nothing in order to bring my vision to life. They were just as excited about designing my dream as I was. It was apparent from our very first meeting. Florals were probably the most important part of our decor and overall wedding vibe, but they [Scott and Rondineli] found a way to make me feel at ease and comforted.” 

How Can Bespoke Floral Help With Your Wedding Planning?

Bespoke Floral arrangement

Ease, comfort, dependability, and precision are all common themes when working with Bespoke. Scott and Rondineli helped Lauren in choosing neutral flowers, lots of greens, and pale pinks. In fact, Lauren wanted a very specific pale pink and although no one else understood or could even tell the difference, Lauren intimated that Rondineli and Scott played into her “crazy.” They ordered endless pink rose samples until they found the one to fully satisfy Lauren’s dream. 

At Bespoke, no vision is “crazy.” Scott and Rondineli can bring any imaginable centerpiece, bouquet, boutonniere, etc. to life. “They are both so knowledgeable. They knew the name of every single flower in the million Pinterest inspiration pictures I sent them. They knew if they would be in bloom, easily accessible, and fitting to my style. They created multiple samples for me, so I felt confident making my final decisions,” said Lauren.  

With Bespoke, no matter which experience you choose, it will be just that: an experience. When I asked Lauren what her favorite floral detail from her day was, she exclaimed: “How can I possibly choose one?!” In between photo sessions and getting ready, Lauren would ‘pop in’ to see Rondineli’s progress. She said that each time, she was in awe of how the florals were turning out to be even better than Pinterest or any vision she may have had. She did, finally, choose her favorite designs from the day: the circle arch and the floral chandeliers. Even so, she said that “Every single piece Ron created exceeded expectations.”

Lauren and Jimmy's wedding

Jimmy and Lauren were married at Windows on the Water at Frogbridge on Oct. 5 2019. River was there, too, with his own custom flower collar, created specifically for him by Rondineli and Scott. 

Bespoke was with them the day-of-the-wedding for every step, making sure each element and design was executed flawlessly. When it comes to Rondineli and Scott, Lauren said, “Help is an understatement, they guided me start to finish in every last detail.” 

Thank you for letting Bespoke be such an integral part of your wedding day. Cheers to the Mr. and Mrs.!
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